we are 24-7 Property Maintenance

with 20 + years of experience

Frank Thompson has been in the Property Maintenance Business for 20+ years. He started in 1999, with his personal truck and a snowplow, calling himself “Frank’s Snowplow Service”. As a few years passed, the business snowballed, needing more snowplow trucks and employees to keep up with the demand.

In 2010, the name was changed to “24-7 Property Maintenance”, and it has diversified into several different services for every season. We now have eight divisions within our company, winter and summer, including:

24-7 Property Maintenance proudly gives back to the community by sponsoring local sports teams, one of the many ways Frank shows he cares about the community, and the people who live in it. Frank Thompson, and 24-7 Property Maintenance, LLC – through sleet or hail, rain or shine, or even snow – will always be there to serve the community it resides in!